Auction Bidding

Auction Bidding

Most people may only purchase a handful of properties in their life.  LJ Hooker Buyers Agent Sydney are involved in over 400 property purchases each year.  So our experienced team can use that knowledge to purchase as cheaply as possible on your behalf.

An inexperienced bidder will:

  • Have no strategy for the auction
  • Let the auctioneer control the auction
  • Let the sales agent influence their bidding
  • Bid against themselves
  • Be confused about when the property is "on the market"
  • Not understand a vendor bid
  • Not understand the danger around the pass in process
  • Spend more than they planned

Our service includes

  • An initial discussion around price/value.  We will then formulate a clear strategy.
  • Prepare and complete paperwork providing us with instructions, which must be handed to the auctioneer prior to auction.
  • Perform for you at the auction as per strategy.  Strategy may need to be adjusted depending on auction conditions.
  • Post auction negotiations.
We look after it all

We look after it all

LJ Hooker Sydney Buyers Agency offers a complete end-to-end service
You search and we do the rest

You search and we do the rest

LJ Hooker Sydney Buyers Agents provide a service whereby we can evaluate and negotiate a property...